Kellyanne Conway’s daughter calls Trump a “racist, homophobic, tyrannical, golfing idiot”

Donald Trump has the support of Evangelical Christians.
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Claudia Conway has escaped her parents’ ban on Twitter and she’s not holding back. Her parents, presidential advisor Kellyanne Conway and prominent Trump critic George Conway, had taken away the 15-year-old’s Twitter privileges earlier this month when she made national news with her sharp attacks on Donald Trump.

“got my phone back! probably wont have it for long though considering i’m about to revolutionize twitter brb,” she tweeted, announcing her triumphant return.

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Conway has since proceeded to rail against Trump and Republicans while throwing out a “PSA” for her followers and the media, chastising her mother’s supporters for attacking her in a misguided attempt to “defend” Kellyanne’s honor.

“this also goes to all the adults in my life who choose to belittle me in ‘defense’ of my mother. it’s none of your business. i am my own person. i possess just as much respect and intellect as you do. what i do and how i use my platform is for the betterment of my generation,” she tweeted.

While Trump listens to her mother, Conway’s tweets probably won’t get the same approval from the president.

Responding back to one of Trump’s whiny tweets that Congress needs to “bring fairness to Big Tech” and threatening some sort of executive action to force social media companies to promote conservative groups, politicians, and causes, Conway let Trump know what the country is actually worried about.

“If Congress doesn’t bring fairness to Big Tech, which they should have done years ago, I will do it myself with Executive Orders,” Trump tweeted. “In Washington, it has been ALL TALK and NO ACTION for years, and the people of our Country are sick and tired of it!”

“ok sparky, settle down now,” Conway responded. “do you know what WE are sick and tired of? our racist, homophobic, tyrannical, golfing idiot of a president.”

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