There’s now a Golden Girls background for Zoom

the Golden Girls' living room in the app's background
Photo: Modsy

The video conferencing app Zoom is taking over corporate life as efforts to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus continue and more Americans work from home. Video meetings have become the new normal, and friends and family use it as well to stay in touch for virtual get-togethers.

And that’s bringing with it some unusual problems. What happens when a user doesn’t want to show off their filthy apartment?

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The website Modsy is offering up three Golden Girls Zoom backgrounds that will entice you to get together with friends. And maybe your mom.

You can hang out on the rattan furniture in the living room to crack bad sitcom jokes or gather together in the kitchen for a late-night snack if that’s your thing. Or, if you’re feeling spicy, get together with someone in Blanche’s bedroom. God knows she has.


The site also offers backgrounds from the iconic sets of other hit TV shows like Friends and Gilmore Girls. They even give you instructions on how to install them.

Because you don’t want to have a worktastrophe like Potato Boss.

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