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A man was attacked for being gay. He caught the punch on video.

The man in the video
Photo: Screenshot/Twitter

A gay man in Utah wants to help police find the person who attacked him for being gay, and he has video.

Sal Trejo in Salt Lake City said that he was out with friends on Saturday night when they were approached by the alleged assailant.

He was making “homophobic and misogynistic comments,” according to Trejo.

The victim started recording, and the man said, “Are you gay though?”

Trejo can be heard responding that he is.

“Oh, then you’re gay?” the man said, before punching Trejo in the arm and knocking him over.

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Trejo said that the alleged assailant continued to call him a “faggot” and pulled out a knife.

When the group called the police, he went to his car and drove away.

Trejo said that the injuries weren’t severe.

“No one should be attacked simply because of who they are,” Equality Utah tweeted.

“We will work with Sal and law enforcement to ensure that justice prevails.”

Police are looking for the suspect and are investigating the attack as a hate crime.

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