Grindr bandit gets 15 years in a Texas prison for robbing & assaulting gay men

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Further reinforcing the state’s image as a free-for-all land of hate, violence, and general embarrassment, four Texas men pled guilty to assaulting and robbing a man they met on Grindr. Because of course it happened in Texas.

One of those men, 21-year-old Nigel Garrett, will spend 15 years in prison for his role in the attack.

Garrett, along with 19-year-old Anthony Shelton and 20-year-old accomplices Chancler Encalade & Cameron Ajiduah all entered guilty pleas in their trial. The four men admitted to meeting at least one man on Grindr, entering his home, binding him with tape, then proceeding to assault, ridicule and rob their victim of property, including the victim’s automobile. The Department of Justice has also linked the four to robberies in surrounding cities Plano, Aubrey and Frisco.

Ajiduah, Encalade and Shelton all still await sentencing. In addition to Texas’ stellar image, the state also has a reputation as one of the most execution happy states in the union. Considering that the state still executed minors as recently as 2002, we’re not wholly convinced that Garrett’s sentence qualifies as a heavy one.

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