Royal family member accuses Kevin Spacey of groping him

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Ari Behn, who was married to Princess Märtha Louise of Norway from 2002 to 2016, said that he was groped by actor Kevin Spacey in 2007.

Louise is the daughter of King Harald V and is fourth in line to the throne. Behn is a novelist, and he and Louise have three children.

Behn told the Norwegian radio station P4 that he met Spacey at the Nobel Peace Prize concert in 2007. “We had a great talk,” he said.

He said that Spacey suggested that they go outside for a cigarette.

“Then he touched me right on the balls under the table.”

Behn said that he replied, “Eh, maybe later,” and that was the end of the encounter.

“I am a generous person, but this was a bit more than I had in mind,” he said.

Spacey has not commented on the allegation.

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