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Final poll predicts Australia’s marriage equality vote will be a huge win

marriage equality
Australians voted "yes" in a non-binding postal survey on marriage equality.Photo: Instagram/@ashhy127

Australians are about to find out the results of the nationwide, non-binding postal survey on marriage equality, and the final poll shows it is likely to be a big win for the Yes campaign.

According to The Guardian Essential Report poll, a whopping 86 percent of those asked have voted. Of those, 64 percent reported voting in favor of marriage equality, 31 percent said they voted No, and 5 percent preferred not to answer.

The vast majority of those who vote Green voted Yes, at 92 percent, as did those who vote Labor, at 79 percent. A slight majority of those who vote Liberal are in favor as well, according to the poll, at 54 percent.

australia marriage equality
Screenshot/The Guardian

While all of this is encouraging news, it does not necessarily mean there will be a change to the law that will see gay couples being allowed to get married.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has promised consideration of a bill to legalize same-sex marriage if the postal survey comes back with a majority Yes vote, but there is opposition with his Liberal party.

The debate has been ugly at times, as LGBTQ rights advocates warned it would be, with anti-LGBTQ posters popping up in major cities. There was even a sparsely attended “Straight Lives Matter” rally held in a gayborhood in Sydney.

The official results of the non-binding survey will be released on November 15.

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