Ellen DeGeneres: ‘I want a baby’

Ellen DeGeneres baby
Ellen snuggling with baby Emmett.Photo: YouTube/The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Ellen DeGeneres declared that she wants a baby after one of her guest’s son, 10-month-old Emmett, stole her heart on Thursday’s show.

She welcomed Ashton Robinson, a single mother from Texas, to her show on Thursday, alongside her professor, Henry Musoma, who encouraged her to bring her baby to class so she wouldn’t have to miss out on attaining a higher education.

During the segment, Ellen requested Emmett be brought out so she could hold him while they spoke.

“You hold him during class, I’ll hold him during the show,” she said.

At one point, Emmett and Ellen locked eyes, and then he leaned in for a snuggle.

“Well now I want a baby,” she said. “Look what you’ve done.”

Watch the adorable segment below.

Of course, if she’s serious in her desire for a child, she’d have to run it by wife Portia de Rossi, for whom she recently posted a loving Instagram post that doubled as a plea for Australians to vote in favor of marriage equality.

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