U.S. Commission on Civil Rights announces opposition to Trump’s transgender military ban

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A federal civil rights panel has criticized President Donald Trump’s decision to ban transgender soldiers from the military in a statement, and is urging “this Administration to recommit to the full protection of civil rights for all
persons in our country.”

The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights called the move, reportedly done to make the far-right happy as well as due to Trump’s fear that he might lose money for his proposed border wall, “a message that fosters and encourages prejudice.”

“Thousands of transgender troops currently serve in the U.S. military and thousands more have served and given their lives for the country throughout our history,” the statement reads. “These military men and women honor our country and defend all its citizens with their service.”

“The President’s mere announcement of a ban on transgender military service harms all Americans by sending a message that fosters and encourages prejudice, inconsistent with our core national values,” it continues. “If implemented, the ban would further harm Americans, and weaken our defense, by enshrining unequal treatment of Americans based on rank stereotype.”

“Animus has no place in any aspect of American life. All Americans deserve our government’s respect and protection, not affirmative harm from the government itself. The U.S. Commission on Civil Rights calls on the United States to satisfy the civil rights protections that are the responsibility and obligation of the federal government,” Chair Catherine E. Lhamon said.

Trump is also said to have made the announcement of the ban on Twitter in order to keep his lawyers from continually telling him what it was a bad idea.

A poll by Reuters showed that most Americans opposed the ban.

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