Watch shoppers come to the rescue of a trans woman being disrespected in a clothing store

A patron rushes to the defense of a transgender woman on "What Would You Do?"Photo: screenshot

When a sales clerk shamed a transgender woman in a clothing store, other shoppers rushed to her defense and gave the saleswoman a piece of their mind. But they were surprised to find out that their responses were caught on video as part of the candid camera show “What Would You Do?”

As part of the setup, our heroes were shopping in an East Coast boutique when an actress portraying the clerk approaches a transgender woman and starts making derogatory comments and misgendering her. Every time, the other shopper rushed to console the trans woman and most gave the clerk a piece of their mind.

Watch these women restore your faith in humanity in the face of all the ugliness and bigotry cropping up around the nation currently. You deserve it and you’ll want to share it so your friends can get a pick-me-up too.

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