You won’t believe what Trump said for National HIV Testing Day

You won’t believe what Trump said for National HIV Testing Day

At this point, everyone knows that Donald Trump can’t be believed about anything. He gets confused, he exaggerates, and he flat-out lies. Still, Trump’s statement for National HIV Testing Day is incredibly offensive.

My Administration is determined to build upon these improvements and continue supporting domestic and global health programs that prioritize testing and treatment for HIV/AIDS.”

In reality, six members of the Presidential Advisory Council on HIV/AIDS (PACHA) resigned recently in protest of Donald Trump‘s apathy towards the epidemic and his attempts to take health care access away from people living with HIV/AIDS.

The health care plan Trump has claimed is too “mean” after celebrating it’s passage, would make sharp cups in Medicaid and cut all funding for Planned Parenthood – including HIV testing. 40% of Americans with HIV are on Medicaid.

The administration has also proposed slashing programs that provide antiretroviral medication for patients worldwide by over a billion dollars. Researchers told the New York Times the cuts would lead to the deaths of at least one million people in Africa.

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