Apple CEO Tim Cook was on Clinton’s list of potential vice presidential picks

Tim Cook AP

Openly gay Apple CEO Tim Cook was on a list of possible vice presidential candidates Hillary Clinton campaign chair John Podesta sent to Clinton, one of the leaked emails released by Wikileaks shows.

Bill Gates, Melinda Gates, Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Corey Booker, Eric Holder, Michael Bloomberg and Claire McCaskill (whose name Podesta misspells) are some of the other suggested options.

The rest of the email can be read below. He describes the candidates as being organized “in rough food groups.”

John Podesta email.Wikileaks

John Podesta email.

Cook came out in 2014, saying he was a private person but that he wanted to speak out and let people know that “being gay is not a limitation.”

He held a fundraiser for Clinton in August.

He also held a fundraiser for House Speaker Paul Ryan in June.

While a gay vice presidential pick would have been historic, some believe we’ve already had a gay vice president, William Rufus King.

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