LGBTQ Nation Weekly News Quiz for the week of January 29, 2024

Florida recently said it would throw transgender people in jail for doing what?

1. Using public bathrooms matching their gender identity
2. Trying to change the gender marker on their driver’s licenses
3. Using hormone replacement therapy
4. Helping minors obtain gender-affirming care

Trying to change the gender marker on their driver’s licenses

Florida has threatened to punish any transgender person who tries to change the gender listed on their state-issued driver’s license. Such individuals would be charged with trying to make a false ID and face up to five years in prison and a $5,000 fine.


Florida Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles said that allowing people to alter their licenses based on gender identity “undermines the purpose" of IDs and "can frustrate the state’s ability to enforce its laws.”

Which anti-LGBTQ+ troll recently had an unbelievably cringe anti-woke rap song make it to No. 1 on the iTunes charts?

1. Matt Walsh
2. Ben Shapiro
3. Jason Whitlock
4. Charlie Kirk

Ben Shapiro

Ben Shapiro, a far-right commentator and co-founder of The Daily Wire, is featured on “Facts,” an anti-woke rap track released last week by Canadian rapper Tom MacDonald.


Shapiro’s contribution to the song, meanwhile, consists mainly of taking shots at artists like Nicki Minaj, Lizzo, and Megan thee Stallion—all of them Black women.

Which state passed an anti-transgender bathroom bill this week?

1. Utah
2. Idaho
3. Tennessee
4. Arkansas


The governor of Utah signed a bill this week that could put transgender people in jail for using the bathroom corresponding to their gender identity in public buildings like schools and government offices.

“It is extreme legislation that explicitly retrofits the crimes of voyeurism and criminal trespass in the state to allow for the prosecution of many transgender people for using the right bathroom,” wrote legal journalist Chris Geidner of Law Dork.

Republicans spent the week panicking that Taylor Swift could endorse Joe Biden and sway the election. Which of the following happened this week that fueled the frenzy?

1. Swift posted a congratulatory message to E. Jean Carroll for winning her defamation lawsuit against Donald Trump
2. A poll recently found 35% of Americans will vote for whoever Swift endorses
3. Swift posted a coded message on Instagram hinting that a Biden endorsement was coming
4. The Kansas City Chiefs made it to the Super Bowl

The Kansas City Chiefs made it to the Super Bowl

On Sunday, the Kansas City Chiefs beat the Baltimore Ravens to advance to the Super Bowl. Swift has brought tons of media attention to the NFL because her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, is on the Chiefs. Now conservatives are freaking out that the Super Bowl will elevate the couple even more and set Swift up for a Biden endorsement. Some have even gone so far as to posit that the Super Bowl is rigged for the Chiefs to win to position Swift for the endorsement.

A statue of which queer British historical figure was recently unveiled at Cambridge’s Kings College in England?

1. Alan Turing
2. Radclyffe Hall
3. Virginia Woolf
4. Oscar Wilde

Alan Turing

Turing, a gay man, is widely considered the father of computer science and artificial intelligence. He is most famous for his work on breaking the German Enigma codes during World War II. Despite his essential work, he was punished by the British government for his sexuality and was chemically castrated after being convicted in 1952 of “gross indecency” with another man.

February just started. This month honors which of the following?

1. Hispanic heritage
2. Women's history
3. LGBTQ+ history
4. Black history

Black history

February is Black History Month. 

"In the vibrant tapestry of Black identity, the intersectionality of being both Black and Queer adds layers of complexity to one’s self-discovery and societal acceptance," wrote Hope Giselle here at LGBTQ Nation. "As we immerse ourselves in the month that proudly celebrates Blackness, it becomes imperative to delve into the profound duality experienced by individuals navigating both realms of identity."

Which city's law enforcement officers recently raided two gay bars in search of “lewd conduct” by patrons and staff?

1. Dallas
2. Toronto
3. New York City
4. Seattle


Officers in Seattle, Washington recently raided two gay bars — The Cuff and The Eagle — to try and find violations of state code. Investigators discovered a bartender’s exposed nipple at one venue. Patrons wearing jock straps were observed at another.

Though Washington law prohibits nudity in venues where alcohol is served, the raids outraged local LGBTQ+ activists who called them a form of discrimination.

Out athlete Amber Glenn made history this week by draping herself in a Pride flag while posing with her gold medal. What sport does she play?

1. Fencing
2. Swimming
3. Figure skating
4. Cycling

Figure skating

Glenn, who came out as bisexual and pansexual in 2019, won the U.S. Figure Skating title. She is the first queer woman ever to win the prestigious title.

Which member of Congress invited anti-LGBTQ+ hate pastor Jack Hibbs to deliver the opening prayer in the House this week?

1. Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene
2. Rep. Paul Gosar
3. Rep. Lauren Boebert
4. Speaker Mike Johnson

Speaker Mike Johnson

Speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA) invited Jack Hibbs of the Calvary Chapel in Chino Hills, California, to deliver the opening prayer in the House of Representatives on Tuesday.

Hibbs has marched on Sacramento to stop a bill that would have labeled conversion therapy a form of consumer fraud, rallying with the self-proclaimed ex-LGBTQ+ group “Changed.” He said that teachers should out LGBTQ+ students to their parents in order to fight the “demonic and dark satanic powers” in public schools that are “sexualizing” and “mentally abusing” children. He said that “Satan himself” planned the “transgender agenda."

A jury recently awarded E. Jean Carroll $83 million in her defamation lawsuit against Donald Trump. What is the name of Carroll's out attorney?

1. Loretta Lynch
2. Elena Kagan
3. Roberta Kaplan
4. Gloria Allred

Roberta Kaplan

Before representing Carroll, Kaplan also represented Edie Windsor in the landmark Supreme Court case that struck down the Defense of Marriage Act. She has now helped Carroll win two separate defamation cases against Trump after Trump sexually assaulted Carroll in 1995. 

All 10 questions completed!

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LGBTQ Nation Weekly News Quiz for the week of January 29, 2024

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