Venue cancels anti-LGBTQ+ antisemitic conference at last minute, upsetting bigots

Venue cancels anti-LGBTQ+ antisemitic conference at last minute, upsetting bigots
AFPAC's Nick Fuentes and Jake Shields Photo: Screenshot X

Antisemitic Christian nationalist Nick Fuentes has previously dined with President Donald Trump and hosted Rep. Majorie Taylor Greene at his own white supremacist America First Political Action Conference (AFPAC). But while Fuentes had planned to hold his fourth AFPAC this weekend in Detroit, Michigan, the hosting venue canceled at the last minute, leaving Fuentes threatening to sue them… then it got even worse for him.

Fuentes then spent Saturday trolling his sworn enemy, antisemitic Christian nationalist Charlie Kirk, as well as the “People’s Convention” hosted by Kirk’s Turning Point USA organization (which was also held in Detriot). The organization is a high school and college Republican club that former President Donald Trump hopes will work as a “force multiplier” for him within battleground states during the coming election — which is why Trump spoke at this year’s event.

On Saturday, Fuentes tried to crash Kirk’s convention and was booted by venue security, who had standing orders to bar Fuentes and his wingman, antisemitic Christian nationalist Jake Shields.

“You’re a cuck for Israel,” Shields told a suited event security enforcer who led the AFPAC group from the premises. “You’re sucking Israel’s c*ck. You oughta be ashamed. I’m America First, not Israel First.”

While Fuentes is a Trump fan from way back (and Kirk is, too), Fuentes claimed in a video shot — outside the Turning Point recent Detroit gathering — that Kirk and his young Republicans are in thrall to Jewish people.

Referring to his ejection from the convention center hosting the Turning Point event, Fuentes said to cheers from the groupies and neo-Nazi “Groypers” following him outside, “It’s further proof this is Israeli-occupied territory.”

Fuentes has long claimed Kirk isn’t racist, antisemitic, homophobic, or white supremacist enough for the far-right America First movement, so for the last several years has staged a counter-convention of his America First PAC at the same time and place as Kirk’s MAGA kids gathering.

Later that day, Fuentes canceled his previously scheduled “convention” after he was locked out of the venue for the event; apparently the owners had learned who was renting their hall. Fuentes has vowed to sue.

“I am sorry to everyone who traveled to Detroit to this event,” he wrote in a message to his followers. “We intend to schedule ADPAC IV at a later date this year…. I know you are all disappointed, as am I and my entire team. But we must accept these trials as an unavoidable condition of our struggle.”

He told fellow America Firsters to watch their inbox for an invitation to an “exclusive, closed-door event” later that night.

There, Fuentes gave a speech with a deep bass soundtrack that demonstrated his divided loyalties between the gospel of antisemitism and the presumptive Republican nominee.

Speaking about the former president Donald Trump’s appearance earlier that day at the Turning Point conference, Fuentes told his AFPAC crowd, “Donald Trump, nine years ago, said, ‘I am your voice.’ I don’t know about you guys, but when he goes up there and says ‘We’re gonna throw out all the anti-Israel protesters,’ that’s not my voice.”

“Hell, no!” someone yells as the audience boos the former president.

“The good news is,” Fuentes continues, “you come to AFPAC and you hear a speech like this, and you know — I am your voice!”

The room roared. Fuentes then directed the crowd to raise their right hand and take an oath.

As the hands raised, Fuentes alternated between an oath and “Sieg heil” salute. The would-be voice for a furious generation then shouted for attendees to repeat after him, “I solemnly swear to put America first and Israel last — every time! — because Christ is our king. Amen!”

When Fuentes later proclaimed on social media, “We run this city b**ch,” Right Wing Watch mocked his claim, noting that he had gotten kicked out of a major right-wing event and had his own event canceled moments before it was scheduled to begin.

Fuentes proudly marched on Charlottesville in 2017, where Trump said there were “good people on both sides”, and he notoriously joined Kanye “Ye” West for dinner at Mar-a-Lago in 2022 with the former president, who was reportedly entranced with the 20-something neo-Nazi.

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