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Azealia Banks endorses Donald Trump for president

Azealia Banks
Azealia Banks Photo: Shutterstock

Out rapper Azealia Banks said that she is supporting Donald Trump’s bid for the White House in 2024 because voting for President Joe Biden, she said, is “elder abuse.”

Also, she thinks Trump is “funny” and said that she’ll be voting for him next year.

“He’s just f**king funnyyy,” the “212” performer told The Standard. “He’s been through how many bankruptcies? How many wives? How many television shows? Seriously, nothing can take him down.”

Banks, who is bisexual and has called gay men “fa***t” in the past and has made disparaging comments about transgender people, said that she feels “way safer” in red states than in blue states because more people have guns. She used to live in California and now lives in Florida.

But that doesn’t mean she likes Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R).

“Seriously, that’s the guy who’s running for president?” Banks said. “The guy who wants to argue with Mickey Mouse? Mm. Okay.”

She said that she isn’t worried about Trump having access to the “nuclear button” again because “he didn’t press it the first time.”

“You never know, Biden might hit the wrong shit on the antennae and blow the whole thing up,” she said.

Trump appeared to appreciate the endorsement, linking an article about it on his social media platform, Truth Social.

Banks has long been a supporter of Trump. In 2016, she endorsed him saying that Hillary Clinton “talks to black people as if we’re children or pets. i can’t stand herrrrrrrr.”

Even though she disparaged Biden for being old, Trump himself is 77 and Biden is 80.

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