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TERFS outraged over anti-woman sticker that it turns out they made themselves

a protestor with a sign that says "No terfs on our astro"
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A writer and anti-trans activist was eviscerated on social media after trying to claim that LGBTQ+ activists were openly declaring a war on women.

Charlie Bentley-Astor posted a photo of a sticker on a pole depicting a shoe in the colors of the Pride flag stomping on the word “woman.”

“Found placed over a suffragette women’s rights sticker in an English town,” Bentley-Astor wrote. “A rainbow boot crushing the word ‘woman’ under foot…”

It didn’t take long for users on X, formerly known as Twitter, to notice that the bottom right corner of the sticker showed it was created by the anti-trans organization Standing For Women, founded by notorious Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminist (TERF) Posie Parker. The organization is primarily concerned with excluding transgender women from women’s spaces.

After X users had a field day pointing out that Bentley-Astor had misled followers about the origins of the sticker, an X community note was added to the post explaining that “Readers added context” and that “this sticker is manufactured by ‘standing for women’….Not trans rights activists.”

Bentley-Astor claimed this was not a “self-own” and that “I never attributed the sticker to trans rights activists,” but many said she heavily implied it and did not correct anyone who joined in her anger over the sticker. Others criticized her for liking the replies in which people assumed the sticker was placed by trans activists, rather than correcting them.

Bentley-Astor has made a name for herself in the anti-trans movement by speaking out about her experience thinking she was trans due to what she claimed was social pressure and then realizing she wasn’t.

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