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Lauren Boebert begs supporters for help after admitting her campaign is flailing

Rep. Lauren Boebert
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It’s official: Colorado Rep. Lauren Boebert (R) is scared. Recent polling has shown Democratic frontrunner Adam Frisch in the lead in Boebert’s district, and now the anti-LGBTQ+ Congresswoman is pleading with voters for help.

According to the Aspen Daily News, Boebert’s campaign sent three successive emails at the end of August that acknowledged the possibility of Boebert’s defeat.

“If we don’t turn things around quickly, we could lose this seat to the Democrats,” one email reportedly stated. “I can’t believe I’m saying those words, but I need you to understand how dire this situation is.” Another email written by Kellyanne Conway stated she was being “pummeled” and a third said, “If the Election were held today … Lauren would lose.”

The emails were reacting to the results of a Keating Research poll that showed Frish beating Boebert in the 2024 election to represent Colorado’s Third Congressional District.

The poll showed that 50% of likely voters in the district say they will vote for Frisch, who almost beat Boebert in 2022 in the purple district, and only 48% say they’re voting for Boebert. Frisch holds a bigger advantage – 17 points – when it comes to unaffiliated voters, the group that the Frisch campaign has said it’s trying to appeal to in this election cycle. He also has a 32-point advantage with Latin voters.

A majority – 53% – of likely voters in the survey had an unfavorable view of Boebert, and only 42% had a favorable view of her. 34% had a favorable view of Frisch, while 26% viewed him unfavorably.

In 2022, Frisch ran a campaign as a moderate Democrat against the far-right congressmember who has made a name for herself by, among other things, staunchly opposing LGBTQ+ equality and spreading hate speech about LGBTQ+ people. Frisch came close to beating her, losing by 551 votes, or fewer than 0.5% of the total votes.

Many believe that at this point the writing is on the wall and Boebert’s days in Congress are numbered. As LGBTQ Nation correspondent John Gallagher wrote, “The prospect of tossing Boebert out of Congress has energized not just rank-and-file Democrats but the party apparatus as well. The party has targeted Boebert’s seat as one that they intend to flip in 2024.”

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