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Influencer shows zero remorse after seeing his preteen fans call for death to gay people

Sneako Photo: Screenshot

An alt-right influencer with ties to accused rapist and human trafficker Andrew Tate and white supremacist Nick Fuentes is defending the misogynistic and violently anti-LGBTQ+ comments spewed by his young fans.

Over the weekend, video of Nico Kenn De Balinthazy, better known as Sneako, interacting with young boys at a Miami Marlins game went viral. The clip shows De Balinthazy posing with the children as they spout misogynistic, transphobic, and violently homophobic comments.

“Andrew Tate!” one young boy shouts, referencing the former pro-kickboxer who has been charged with rape and human trafficking in Romania. “F**k the women!” the boy repeats.

De Balinthazy apes shock at the kid’s comments. “We love women!” he tells the boy.

“But not, like, transgenders,” the boy responds.

“We love everybody…” De Balinthazy says as two other boys interrupt, shouting, “All gays should die,” and “F**k gays!”

“What have I done?” De Balinthazy says as he mugs for the camera.

Some on social media initially interpreted De Balinthazy’s reaction as the controversial influencer, who has been banned from YouTube and now posts on Rumble, realizing the impact of his hateful rhetoric. But De Balinthazy soon put that speculation to bed.

“They are children and obviously joking,” he wrote in a post on X (the social media platform formerly known as Twitter), responding to the clip on Monday. “This is how I was at 12.”

He went on to blame LGBTQ+ Pride flags and the media for his young fans’ hateful comments and calls for violence. “If it sounds egregious to you, blame the [rainbow emoji] flags in their classrooms. Blame the media for emasculating men,” De Balinthazy wrote. “Its YOUR fault for forcing an obvious agenda. Not these kids. BOYS WILL BE BOYS.”

Later, he posted a video of himself boxing. “Would you rather see your kids at a [rainbow emoji] parade or in the gym?” he wrote.

“They allow children to castrate themselves and take puberty blockers,” he wrote in yet another post. “But you’re mad at SNEAKO? I can be WIPED from social media and still resonate with the youth more than a drag queen on the homepage. That should be upsetting. You sold your soul to satan and still lost.”

“Saying ‘all gays should die’ is not a joke,” trans rights activist and civil rights attorney Alejandra Caraballo wrote in response to De Balinthazy’s initial tweet. “Excusing your role in influencing those boys by blaming pride flags and everyone else is beyond pathetic. At least have the courage to own your hate instead of blaming the subjects of it, you absolute coward.”

According to the Miami New Times, De Balinthazy rose to prominence for his gaming videos, becoming popular on Reddit’s Red Pill community, infamous for its users’ misogynist incel content. The Daily Dot reports that he has worked with popular YouTubers like MrBeast, gaining over 2,000,000 subscribers before being banned from the platform last October for a video in which he reportedly mimed violent sexual assault on a woman. He has defended Tate and described Fuentes as “a good guy” who is “proud of being white.”

Late last year, De Balinthazy said that he had joined Kanye West’s 2024 presidential campaign, alongside Fuentes and fellow alt-right troll Milo Yiannopoulos, though the status of the rapper’s campaign remains unclear at this point.

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