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Trumper in blackface at Target screams about their Pride section in shocking video

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Anti-LGBTQ+ protesters outside of a Las Vegas Target Photo: Twitter screenshot

In a video that has gone viral online, a white woman wearing brown face paint can be seen in Target causing a scene and screaming about the store’s Pride section and how LGBTQ+ people “took our flag forever.”

Earlier this year, many rightwing influencers went to their local Target stores to mock and express disgust at the stores’ Pride gear offerings and then post videos about it to social media. Ersilia Campbell may have been trying to do something similar in an Aurora, Colorado Target store.

Video that has gone viral shows her interacting with a store employee who called her “a horrible person” for wearing blackface in public.

“Lester Holt did whiteface and nobody said s**t!” she responds, referring to the NBC host who dressed up as Scottish singer Susan Boyle in 2009, something the right often brings up to excuse blackface.

“Where’s your Pride section? I need to know!” she then shouted. Someone off-camera says, “We’re past…,” since Pride Month was June.

“Oh, I thought they were celebrating this and they took our flag forever, no?” she asked sarcastically. “I was wrong, my bad! I don’t shop at Target.”

Campbell walked out of the store while shouting about how people should take pictures and post them to Facebook. Later, she apparently caused a scene and possibly almost started a fight in the parking lot with someone else shouting at her and another person saying, “It’s not worth it.”

“Thank me later, b**ch!” Campbell shouted back, Trump/Pence stickers visible on her t-shirt and vehicle. “You don’t know me!”

She then went to a Starbucks and caused a similar scene.

According to TikToker Micheal McWhorter, who goes by @TizzyEnt on social media, Campbell was going “to fish out some other people so I’m gonna go smoke ’em out today, but I thought I’d wear blackface so that when I’m done smokin’ ’em out and the FBI or whoever the f**k needs to show up and listen to me for once, when they show up, I wanna get a job, so I’m gonna make sure I put on a blackface so I can, um, have my best chance of getting the job,” she said, smiling.

According to TMZ, Campbell has been taken into protective custody by the Aurora Police Department. Campbell is a former U.S. Postal Service worker who has been banned from the post office she worked at until February.

Online, she called her former Postal Service colleagues “some of the loneliest, miserable, trashiest, lazy people in my life.”

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