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Anti-LGBTQ+ organization to launch campaign to stop the “carnage” of marriage equality

Brian Brown
NOM leader Brian Brown Photo: AP

The anti-LGBTQ+ group National Organization for Marriage (NOM) has announced a campaign to oppose marriage equality in the United States, eight years after the Supreme Court’s Obergefell v. Hodges decision that legalized same-sex marriage in all 50 states.

The “It’s NOT Campaign” will involve billboards across the U.S. and web ads online.

“From the beginning of the gay marriage fight, NOM warned that redefining marriage as LGBT radicals demanded would have profound consequences on our culture and our families,” the group’s website says. “The sexual radicals demanding ‘gay marriage’ prevailed by convincing many people, including activist judges, that compassion for same-sex couples should trump the constitution and that rejecting the redefinition of marriage was ‘anti-gay.’”

“This was a lie. Millions of Americans are left shaking their heads at the cultural carnage that now surrounds us.”

The site says that the only reason marriage equality happened is because of “bullying and cancel culture” that kept “Americans of goodwill and traditional conservative values” from speaking out against LGBTQ+ people, an ahistorical statement that is particularly bizarre coming from NOM, one of the best-funded anti-LGBTQ+ organizations that has fought LGBTQ+ equality since 2007.

The site says that NOM is trying to raise $1 million for their campaign and that they have already raised over $50,000. An email to supporters published by gay blogger Joe Jervis says that they estimate the cost of a billboard in a city like Jackson, Mississippi to be $3,000 a month and will be viewed by 150,000 vehicles, meaning it costs two cents per vehicle to get their message out there in this medium.

They are also saying they have donors who will match people’s donations.

The NOT Campaign is also asking people to boycott Disney and Burger King. Disney has long been targeted by anti-LGBTQ+ activists and NOM is particularly mad about how they are “pushing gender ideology in [their] movies,” without specifying which movie they are referring to. They are angry at Burger King for donating to the LGBTQ+ organization HRC and for competing against the more Christian Chick-fil-A.

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