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Caitlyn Jenner enraged by trans influencer’s Nike deal: “Stop trying to erase women!”

Caitlyn Jenner
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Failed GOP gubernatorial candidate and Fox News contributor Caitlyn Jenner took to Twitter on Thursday to rail against Nike’s paid partnership with trans TikTok influencer Dylan Mulvaney, calling it “an outrage.”

“As someone that grew up in awe of what [Nike Inc. co-founder] Phil Knight did, it is a shame to see such an iconic American company go so woke!” Jenner wrote in response to another user’s tweet comparing Mulvaney’s partnership with that of cis Olympic medalist Allyson Felix. “We can be inclusive but not at the expense of the mass majority of people, and have some decency while being inclusive. This is an outrage.”

Mulvaney announced the partnership in a series of Instagram posts and stories on Thursday, sparking calls to boycott Nike from the right. Transphobes on social media were already in an uproar over Mulvaney’s partnership with Bud Light, announced earlier in the week.

“EQUALITY > INCLUSIVITY (STOP TRYING TO ERASE WOMEN),” Jenner wrote in response to her initial Nike tweet. “The differences between men and women are real and are a good thing! It doesn’t make trans ppl a bad thing, either. Why is it so black and white with the RADICAL RAINBOW MAFIA?!”

Jenner, who came out as trans in 2015, has been critical of trans women’s participation in sports for years. Earlier this week, she launched her Fairness First political action committee. Among the PAC’s goals, she wrote in an April 4 tweet, are “to fight the radical gender ideology, put parental rights at the forefront of education, and keep boys out of women’s sports.”

After The New York Post noted Jenner’s own 2016 brand partnership with H&M, the former Olympic gold medal-winning decathlete hit back at the tabloid, calling the comparison “weak.”

“The outrage I had was the double standard on the difference in treatment of Allyson Felix by Nike,” she tweeted. “Nothing hypocritical about my H&M collab (I’m an actual athlete with a long history of athletic endorsements, including that one). Shame on you for calling me a hypocrite.”

“I did a collab with H&M (I have done many athletic brand collabs over the years as a successful athlete),” she added in another tweet. “I don’t blame Dylan (smart move). I did not like how Nike treated Allyson Felix when she became pregnant. I spoke on the outrage of disparity in their pay.”

On Thursday night, Jenner also posted a series of tweets railing against the Biden administration’s change to Title IX rules that would prohibit schools from banning all trans athletes from participating in sports while also allowing them to limit trans students’ participation according to a number of factors.

“We will not stand for this!” Jenner tweeted along with a link to her PAC’s website. “The floodgates are open for the abuse and misuse of this. No biological males should be taking the hard earned and hard fought, WELL DESERVED places of women athletes!”

This isn’t the first time Jenner has attacked Mulvaney. Last year, Jenner reposted a tweet by Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) which criticized trans comedian Dylan Mulvaney’s TikTok video asking people not to stare at trans women’s crotches in public. In the video, Mulvaney celebrated her “day 74 of girlhood” and talked about wearing tight shorts and why she doesn’t want to tuck.

Blackburn, who is transphobic, reposted Mulvaney’s video, writing, “Dylan Mulvaney, Joe Biden, and radical left-wing lunatics want to make this absurdity normal.”

In Jenner’s retweet of Blackburn’s post, Jenner wrote, “Marsha Blackburn thank you for speaking out and having a backbone – one of the best senators we have. Let’s not ‘normalize’ any of what this person is doing. This is absurdity!”

When a cisgender woman wrote to Jenner, noting that she herself has a genital bulge and asking Jenner to delete her post, Jenner misgendered Mulvaney by writing, “He is talking about his penis!”

“There is a difference between acceptance and tolerance, and normalizing exposing your genitals in a public way and a public place,” Jenner said, even though Mulvaney never told people to expose their genitals in public.

“I do not support that at all, in the slightest,” Jenner continued. “Dylan…congrats your trans with a penis.”

In response to Jenner’s comments, Mulvaney made a TikTok video celebrating her 233rd day of being a girl and criticizing Jenner for making comments that caused her social media followers to publicly ridicule Mulvaney.

Mulvaney said that when she made the “day 74” video, she was still unsure about the best way to wear skirts and dresses.

“In this moment, I am not as comfortable talking about my private parts as I was when I made that video,” Mulvaney said, noting that she has since begun wearing underwear that help conceal her genital bulge.

“You’ve been accepted by a group of people that very clearly does not accept me, and nearly every day this week, I have been called a freak, a child predator, an absurdity,” Mulvaney said in her video.

“I am none of those things that your cohorts are painting me to be, and my question for you is: don’t you feel a little lonely over there? These people that you’re standing with, I don’t know if they have your best intentions at heart. But they will use you to make mine and the trans community’s life a lot harder than it already is.”


Day 233- a message to Caitlyn. To my followers, please do not send her any hate. ❤️ #trans #daysofgirlhood #caitlynjenner

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