Ted Cruz's daughter disagrees with his politics
Republican Texas Senator Ted CruzPhoto: Shutterstock

This morning, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) was devoured by Twitter after tweeting out a warning for Texans to stay safe amidst cold weather in the state. Instead of thanking him for the safety tips, commenters roasted Cruz about what happened the last time Texas struggled through a difficult winter.

After a terrifying 2021 winter storm knocked out power and gas to millions, stranding Texans without heat, water, and shelter, the anti-LGBTQ+ Senator was busted and shamed for fleeing to Cancun with his family. At the time, Cruz was ruthlessly mocked for blaming his daughters for the decision to head to Mexico, and it seems two years later, the jokes are still coming.

Cruz’s recent tweet stated, “Most Texans woke up to freezing rain and sleet that will continue throughout the day. Please follow all local warnings. Stay inside, warm, and off the roads if possible.”

And Twitter had a field day.

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