Stephen Colbert ruthlessly mocks gay Congressman George Santos

Stephen Colbert
Stephen ColbertPhoto: screenshot

Late night comedian Stephen Colbert skewered out Rep. George Santos (R-NY) in two hilarious segments on his show, going so far as to interview a fake Santos, played by out actor Harvey Guillén.

In his opening monologue on The Late Show, Colbert mocked one of the latest lies: that Santos used to be invited to the Met Gala but can’t get invited back because he’s a Republican.

“Oh honey, you’re not invited back because you were never invited in the first place,” Colbert said.

Colbert then made fun of what another drag queen in Brazil said about Santos’s – or Kitara Ravache’s – alleged drag career: “He did not have what it takes to be a professional… George did not have the glamour for that.”

“The GOP better ban books faster because Santos just got read for filth!” Colbert quipped.

In a later segment, Colbert talked to Guillén, dressed up as Santos, complete with black-rim glasses and a tie/crew neck sweater/blazer combo.

“Santos, you’ve been accused of some really atrocious things,” Colbert asked. “You claimed your mother died in the September 11th attacks. Then you said she died a few years later, and then you said she died in 2016. What really happened?”

“Stephen, how could you bring that at a time like this?” Guillén-as-Santos responded, now wearing a black veil. “Can’t you see I’m at my mother’s funeral right now? Do you know how hard it is to lose someone when they’ve already died three times before?”

It’s a straight line from Q Anon’s pedophilia hysteria to the GOP’s groomer rhetoric

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