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Anti-LGBTQ troll predicts “civil war” over US Men’s soccer team’s Pride logo

Anti-LGBTQ troll predicts “civil war” over US Men’s soccer team’s Pride logo
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Conservatives can’t stop freaking out over the fact that the U.S. men’s soccer team is expressing support for LGBTQ people.

The latest troll to speak out against the team is anti-LGBTQ Daily Wire writer Matt Walsh, who called their Pride-themed USA crest on display at the World Cup wholly un-American.

The team is displaying the Pride crest in defiance of the strict anti-LGBTQ laws in Qatar, where the World Cup is taking place.

Walsh was up in arms not over the anti-LGBTQ laws but by the US team’s stance against them.

“I mean, it’s horrendous, it’s traitorous, it’s treasonous – if I was in charge of the country, they wouldn’t be allowed back into the country – but it’s also appropriate,” Walsh said.

“Because the LGBT nation, LGBT-istan we may call it, is, after all, the country that corporate America as well as the United States government seeks to represent, and is the nation that the left pledges allegiance to. It is the country that wishes to colonize the world and export its ideas and values to corners of the globe that have no interest in them.”

He went on to call LGBTQ people “the alphabet club” and refer to the community as a “religious cult.”

“It is that, certainly,” he continued. “But maybe, on second thought, it’s better understood in this way, as a country. It has its own flag, its own national holidays, its own myths and traditions, its own sports teams, and it has its own government too, which is formerly known as the United States government.”

“Now some people predict that we will eventually in the future become two countries, there’s going to be some kind of civil war. But the point is that we’re already two countries. There’s one that salutes the Pride flag and despises the American flag, and one that salutes the American flag and has no use for the Pride flag.”

At the beginning of this rant, Walsh described the trans flag as “totally chaotic and vomitous and hideous, like a unicorn vomited all over it.”

Despite being against LGBTQ equality, Walsh also accused the US Men’s soccer team of virtue signaling and said if they really wanted to take a stand against the World Cup being hosted in Qatar, they would have boycotted altogether, rather than still pouring money into its economy.

Homosexual acts are punishable by imprisonment and death in Qatar, where Islam is the state religion. Anti-LGBTQ harassment by officials also goes unchecked in the country.

Qatar is the first Middle Eastern country to host a World Cup event. The event, which kicks off on November 20, is expected to draw 1.2 million international visitors. Since Qatar was announced as a future World Cup host over a decade ago, activists have criticized FIFA, the international body governing professional soccer, for choosing an anti-LGBTQ country to host the event even though FIFA’s principles oppose such discrimination.

The country’s officials and World Cup CEO Nasser Al Khater have both said the country would guarantee the safety of LGBTQ visitors as well as fans who display rainbow flags at games. However, the government also said that police might confiscate rainbow flags from fans to prevent them from being attacked by angry locals who oppose LGBTQ rights.

The U.S. men’s team will reportedly not sport the rainbow colors while playing in the World Cup, but the logo will continue to adorn areas represented by the team.

Conservative radio host Jesse Kelly also recently melted down about the team’s Pride logo, calling America “awful” and stating he “will be actively rooting against Team USA” and will “pick another country that doesn’t embrace this degeneracy.”

On Twitter, Walsh stood by his demand to banish the U.S. Men’s soccer team from the country.

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