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Chick-fil-A isn’t going to be happy with this Texas restaurant’s new chicken sandwich

Chick-fil-A isn’t going to be happy with this Texas restaurant’s new chicken sandwich
Photo: Sharina Hassel

Just in time for Pride, a Dallas bar has gone Chick-full-gay.

Alexandre’s Bar in the Dallas gayborhood of Oak Lawn debuted a new chicken sammie on Sunday to mark Pride in Dallas, and it’s topped with a heap of protest.

The “Chick-fil-gAy” is the creation of Alexandre’s chef Sharina Hassel, who came up with the delicious clapback in response to Chick-fil-A‘s well-known, anti-LGBTQ history.

In 2012, the chicken chain’s donations to anti-LGBTQ groups (including groups that support conversion therapy) made headlines, along with CEO Dan Cathy’s claim that “supporting same-sex marriage would invite God’s judgment on the country.” Those donations continued through the 2010’s, despite the company’s pledge to refocus its charitable efforts away from groups like the Salvation Army and Fellowship of Christian Athletes, which discriminate against LGBTQ people.

Alexandre’s announced the new Pride-packed entree with an Insta post: “Sunday for Pride In Dallas the Alexandre’s kitchen under the direction of Chef Sharina Hassell will be debuting our pickle-brined chicken sandwich. It’s only available on Sunday, comes with no religious bigotry, and no hate. And don’t worry, our pickles touch. Let’s call this the Chick-fil-gAy. 🏳️‍🌈🍗 Bless.”


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Chick-fil-A, for the uninitiated, is closed on Sundays for religious observance.

Hassell told Eater Dallas: “This year for Pride, we decided to come out with our own so people can get their chicken fix and feel good about it.”

The chef’s poultry pile-up starts with a chicken breast that’s pickle-brined and breaded with a secret recipe featuring loads of spicy pepper. The result is a Panko-textured filet with a slightly sweet taste, topped by two crinkle-cut pickles on lightly toasted buns, plus mayo. Hold the homophobia.

The bar packaged the gourmet chicken treats in a rainbow-themed wrap and hawked them to parade goers Sunday for the gayborhood Pride celebration. They sold like hen-flavored hotcakes.

Chicken-lover Hassell says she’s boycotted the Chick-fil-A chain for years, so the new dish was “our idea on how to reclaim something for our community.” Like the ability to eat chicken on a Sunday without the self-loathing.

Patrons and Hassell alike seem inspired by new sammich.

“I think we might, in the future, be pairing it with a wrinkle fry or a waffle fry. We might also be doing a secret sauce,” Hassell says.

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