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Washington State man arrested after threatening mass slaughter of LGBTQ people

GAG demonstrators wore white veils at a demonstration held in the memory of the Pulse shooting
Gays Against Guns demonstrators wore white veils at a demonstration held in the memory of the Pulse shooting Photo: Lana Leonard

A man in Oak Harbor, Wash., was arrested last week after repeatedly posting on social media about his desire to kill LGBTQ people and shouting threatening rhetoric at his neighbors. Tyler Dinsmoor had posted threats focused on the June 18 Anacortes Pride Parade asking followers to “talk me out of it.”

He’d also recently posted that he “might not make it through this f** month,” and that he “was 9mm away from fedposting two f****** at home depot yesterday.”

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According to Seattle’s KIRO7 News, a neighbor reported the 27-year-old to local police after he shouted at her and her wife that “It used to be legal to kill gay people!” She later spotted Dinsmoor wearing a handgun on his hip. Another neighbor claimed that Dinsmoor, who is white, had once pointed a gun at the neighbor’s Black nephew.

Neighbors had also been saving screenshots of Dinsmoor’s racist and anti-LGBTQ posts on far-right social media platform

“People keep accusing me of homophobia. Damn right. God says they have one end: to be taken and destroyed,” Dinsmoor posted on April 28.

In May, he posted a Photoshopped picture of a white man pointing a handgun at a group of people waving and holding a Pride flag.

“All homosexuals are child-rapists in wait, and all (every single one) should be put to death immediately,” Dinsmoor posted later that month.

Dinsmoor was arrested and charged with committing a felony hate crime. He’s being held on $1 million bail.

The arrest came days after dozens of far-right extremists were arrested near a Pride event in northern Idaho. The men, identified as members of the white nationalist group Patriot Front, were armed with what appeared to be homemade riot gear and at least one smoke grenade, as well as a written plan to disrupt the Pride event and riot.

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