This Week on LGBTQ Twitter: Trans people get visible & hype the trans agenda

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As a wave of anti-transgender legislation sweeps the United States, transgender people and their allies are speaking out and getting clear about what it means to do the work.

Many of those bills target gender-affirming healthcare. But seeing trans folks like Dr. E. Concors working in healthcare inspires some hope for the future.

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Hafsa Qureshi used the opportunity to remind folks that “trans folk have always been here” and they don’t owe the world anything.

Meanwhile, Chelsea Manning reminded us that visibility is a tactic, not an objective.

Trans comic Julia Kaye illustrated the trans agenda, making clear the ways transphobia is tied up with white supremacy and fascism.

And attorney Chase Strangio showed up with a full game plan for how to win the fight for trans rights.

Honorable mention goes to the cisgender folks who showed up to support transgender people on Twitter this week. Like Beto O’Rourke, who used the opportunity to challenge Texas Gov. Greg Abbott to answer the trans community’s cries for justice.


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