The Portland Pickles mascot has caused a scandill.
The Portland Pickles mascot has caused a scandill.Photo: Twitter

The Portland Pickles mascot, Dillon, is a little spicy. And he’s definitely not a gherkin.

During a Twitter takeover, Dillon’s first tweet caused some scandill when it appeared he tweeted out a dick pic.

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“new phone who dis,” Dillon tweeted along with a photo that appeared to be, well, Dillon’s bread and butter.

The perky pickle made sure to tag some curious users with his tweet: Manscaped, Steak-umm, Oscar-Meyer, Corn Nuts, and out California Sen. Scott Weiner (D).

But when things turned sour, Dillon claimed it was his thumb and not his spear.

Major outlets worldwide covered the wardrobe malfunction, relishing in the mascot’s jarring experience – and the team quickly acknowledged how seriously they were taking the photo faux pas.

“We will continue our internal investigation and will likely release the findings tomorrow (1/14). We assure you that we are hard at work to get to the bottom of this and it is a big dill to us,” the team tweeted in a thread that included all of the breathless news accounts of the pickle’s peccadillo.

Minor League Baseball teams have silly names and mascots meant to give them “hometown flavor.” But from the Richmond Flying Squirrels to the Rocket City Trash Pandas, the teams cash in on the names and publicity stunts. After rebranding the team as the Trash Pandas, the franchise made over $4 million in merchandise sales before playing their first game under the new moniker.

And the Pickles are no exception. Two days after the internet exploded, the team announced they were selling T-shirts with the mascot giving a thumbs up.

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