Jen Psaki trounces Fox News hosts in interview & conservatives are pissed

Jen Psaki on Fox News with hosts Bill Hemmer (l) and Dana Perino
Jen Psaki on Fox News with hosts Bill Hemmer (l) and Dana PerinoPhoto: Screenshot

Conservatives are having a meltdown after White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was interviewed on Fox News… and she did well.

“What kind of softball interview was that with Jen Psaki on Fox News with Bill Hemmer and Dana Perino?” one person complained on Twitter. “Absolutely ridiculous funfest!”

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Psaki went on the cable network today for a 15-minute interview with America’s Newsroom co-anchors Hemmer and Perino. They talked about COVID, voting rights protections, and President Joe Biden’s press conference yesterday.

Hemmer and Perino are not exactly the best interviewers in the media.

“On the border now, it did not come up yesterday,” Hemmer said at one point in the interview, referring to Biden’s press conference.

“Well, I’m surprised, Bill, as well, because it was a nearly two-hour press conference and people asked whatever they wanted, including some crazy questions in there,” Psaki responded, smiling as she explained the concept of a press conference to a professional journalist.

Perino told Psaki that unvaccinated people “feel like scapegoats and second-class citizens.” She said that “Europe” is lifting COVID-19 restrictions and brought up Israel as an example of a European country. She said she’s pro-vaccination and then stopped there, not really explaining what her question for Psaki was.

Psaki responded that many Republicans and non-partisan people are vaccinated. Since there wasn’t really a question to answer, she took the opportunity to remind Fox viewers that “you are 17 times more likely to be hospitalized and 20 times more likely to die if you are not vaccinated.”

Fox viewers online were not happy with the interview, angry that Hemmer and Perino couldn’t bring Psaki down.

Liberals and moderates, though, generally liked how Psaki’s appearance on the rightwing channel.

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