Original Drag Race judge Santino Rice is an anti-vaxx nut now

Santino Rice
Santino Rice Photo: Shutterstock

If anyone is wondering what happened to Santino Rice, the out judge on RuPaul’s Drag Race from seasons one through six who was replaced by fashion expert Carson Kressley, well… he’s not well, spending a good chunk of his days tweeting anti-vaxx nonsense and gun nuttery.

Rice was known for his blistering critiques that often weren’t all that helpful, and it turns out that saying unhelpful things is kind of his bread and butter. Well, organic bread and vegan butter.

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After leaving Drag Race, Rice decided that his calling was to promote “healthy” living. To that end, he fasted for 111 days (well, he claimed he fasted that long) and made videos about juice.

Apparently that wasn’t his schtick and now he’s promoting unhealthy living. In just the past several weeks, he has tweeted dozens of anti-vaccine messages to his followers. Here’s just a sampling.

He still managed to take a shot at his former boss (the picture is an unlicensed RuPaul doll).

Other tweets are more violent.

He’s even telling people to wake up at 4 a.m.

Earlier today, Rice issued a scathing non-apology for his tweets, calling his critics “morbidly obese people” who take no “responsibility for [their] own health.”

Neither Ru nor Rice have talked about why he left the show. It may have had to do with statements like this, or it may have been because Kressley is both a better judge and a bigger name, or it could have been for another reason.

Either way, considering how much work Drag Race put into COVID-19 safety measures to film season 13, it looks like Mother Ru dodged a bullet.

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