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Lauren Boebert is so narcissistic she has a sticker of herself on the back of her phone

Lauren Boebert's cell phone is decorated with a sticker... of Lauren Boebert.
Lauren Boebert's cell phone is decorated with a sticker... of Lauren Boebert. Photo: Composite

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO), the gun-totin’ MAGA member and notorious social media troll, pulled off quite the feat on Sunday. She managed to preen for the cameras, start a Twitter feud with another lawmaker, and embarrass herself with a sticker.

And Twitter is, of course, having a field day.

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Boebert tweeted out photos of herself smiling while talking on her phone and another where she is very seriously making a call. Seated at her desk, the photos are meant to make her look like a very serious congresswoman.

But a closer glimpse at Boebert’s cell phone shows a small bit of personalization. She’s adorned the back with a sticker… of herself.

“I was honored to call and congratulate the students in Colorado’s Third District that I nominated for our military service academies,” she tweeted with the photos. “These patriotic young men and women have bright minds. Their selfless desire to serve is already making our state and our country proud.”

The congresswoman is not the sharpest crayon in the box. But when a Colorado state legislator called her out for using young military members for a photo op, the very professional member of the House of Representatives proudly proved it to everyone.

“You don’t care about the job, you care about the photo op,” state Rep. Kerry Donovan (D) replied. “I got a number of calls asking how to get in touch with your office because they hadn’t heard back from you.”

Donovan went on to chastise Boebert over the military academy application process.

But instead of responding to the criticism, Boebert channeled her inner Regina George.

“Karen has re-entered the chat,” she tweeted in response. “I guess you know your only relevance comes from saying my name. Find an identity.”

But instead of her sassy comeback being the story, Boebert’s sticker quickly became the topic of conversation on both the left and right.

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