Cardi B offers to officiate Kal Penn’s dream wedding

Cardi B
Cardi B Photo: Shutterstock

Kal Penn, a former Obama administration official and an actor known for starring in the Harold & Kumar film franchise, came out last week and announced his engagement to his partner of 11 years. The popular actor and activist’s announcement was met with joy and celebration for his happiness, but singer Cardi B just made it all a little better.

She offered to officiate his wedding.

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Yesterday Penn tweeted about a dream he had while on the same flight as the pop star. He dreamed “she officiated our wedding on the plane and the three of us walked out of LAX holding hands.”

The singer caught the tweet and after chastising him for not saying hello, she slyly dropped the offer.

“First, why didn’t you say hi!” she tweeted. “Second, I’m licensed to do that sooo… let me know.”

“Holy shit!” Penn responded. “Let’s do it! We’re down if you’re down!”

“I’m down,” Cardi B replied. “I’ll get my suit.”

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