ABC reveals why “toxic” Meghan McCain isn’t on The View any longer

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The View host Meghan McCain Photo: YouTube

ABC is pushing back on Meghan McCain’s claims that a “toxic work environment” forced her to leave The View.

According to TMZ, executives agree that it had become toxic, but they say the source was McCain and she didn’t quit the show.

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McCain’s new memoir attacks the cast and crew of the popular daytime talk show. As the political conservative on the show, she says she was shunned and treated with less respect than the other women.

She specifically points to her notoriously rocky relationship with co-host Joy Behar as unprofessional. Behar admitted that she didn’t miss having McCain on set when the former host took maternity leave.

The outlet reports that McCain was basically forced out of her role with the show following an internal investigation. ABC head Kim Godwin did the investigation and after interviewing staff and cast, determined that McCain was the source of conflict behind the scenes.

The conflicts regularly spilled over on full display for the cameras as McCain bickered with Behar and other hosts and guests. Co-host Whoopi Goldberg was regularly celebrated online for her eye rolls, sighs, and eventual intervention with Goldberg cutting to commercial at one point.

Since McCain’s absence, the stress levels for cast and crew have reportedly lightened dramatically. The on-screen banter flows easier and a sense of camaraderie has returned.

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