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Christian TV host tells viewers that COVID vax inserts “egg that hatches into a synthetic parasite”

Rick Wiles on TruNews
Rick Wiles on TruNews Photo: Screenshot/RightWing Watch

Rick Wiles, a Christian television host who regularly spews anti-Semitism, COVID and political conspiracies, and anti-LGBTQ slurs, has made one of his looniest claims yet.

He told viewers of his TruNews program that the COVID vaccine will insert an “egg that hatches into a synthetic parasite.”

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“They’re planting – they’re putting eggs in people’s bodies. If you didn’t see yesterday’s TruNews, you need to watch it. It’s an egg that hatches into a synthetic parasite. It grows inside your body,” he said. “This is like a sci-fi nightmare. And it’s happening in front of us. This is a global coup d’état by the most evil cabal of people on the planet in the history of mankind.”

“And if it’s not stopped in the very near future, they will win. That’s what at stake. Control of the world.”

Wiles has blamed the coronavirus pandemic on China, Jewish peopleLGBTQ people, and the devil. But after he got the virus himself after refusing to get vaccinated, he blamed the highly infectious Delta variant on people who have gotten vaccinated, saying that they’re “shedding the virus.”

Wiles has been spreading COVID misinformation since the beginning of the pandemic, and this year his ire turned toward the vaccines. He claimed that the COVID-19 vaccines will kill 70% of people who get them, calling attempts to vaccinate people a “mass death campaign.” He also said that the deaths would make for “a better world” since only “stupid people” get vaccinated.

Shortly after railing against the vaccines, Wiles was hospitalized with a severe COVID-19 infection and several TruNews employees caught the virus. Even though Wiles spent the past year saying that the virus was God punishing various groups of people he hates – and even though it was unsurprising that a workplace full of people who oppose the vaccines experienced several infections – the pundit who filled in for him on TruNews claimed that Wiles was infected by the devil in “retaliation” for speaking out against LGBTQ people.

“We constantly, you know, battle demonic spirits,” his replacement, Lauren Witzke, said at the time.

The conservative pundit’s media outlet got press credentials during the Trump administration.

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