Contortionist drag queen blows America’s Got Talent judges away with mindblowing routine

Scarlett Business on America's Got Talent
Scarlett Business on America's Got TalentPhoto: Screenshot

Scarlett Business isn’t your typical drag queen. Kyle Craglem’s alter ego undersold her performance to the America’s Got Talent judges, describing her act as  “hand balancing, contortion and a bit of drag.”

She wowed the judges with her mind-blowing routine, making her the last contestant to be sent through with four yes votes.

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Based out of Houston, Craglem studied at the National Circus School in Montreal and performs across the globe as an acrobat. A former Cirque de Soleil performer, he was also the first acrobat to work as a makeup artist for the company.

While Craglem has fans worldwide for his acrobatic skills, it was Scarlett Business that won over the judges with his flawless rendition of Kesha’s “Woman.”

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