Here are the 10 worst things said to gay dads since their son was born

Here are the 10 worst things said to gay dads since their son was born
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Robin Morgan-Bentley, a novelist and senior manager at Audible, recently tweeted ten things people have said to him and his partner since they became fathers.

But the couple’s son, a gorgeous towhead sporting adorable pajamas, had the last word.

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LGBTQ parents often find themselves answering dumb questions from well-meaning people. People want to know explicit details about how children were conceived, demand answers to hypothetical situations that will likely never arise, and concern-troll “on behalf” of the child.

Morgan-Bentley shared some of the impertinent questions the men have been asked since becoming dads a year ago.

From “Which one of you is the real dad?” to “Aren’t you worried that he’s missing out by not being breast-fed?”, the queries run the gamut of the typical nonsense spouted off by the likely-well-intentioned but clueless questioners.

Of course, then there’s the callous “It’s a shame he was born in 2020, isn’t it?”

While the last year was particularly atrocious, there’s a good chance their child’s birth was the highlight of the year.

But the couple’s son sums it up best in a photo Morgan-Bentley chose to end the thread.

The rude questions haven’t stopped the couple from “absolutely” enjoying every single minute of being parents.

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