Meet the out trans woman behind many of the online platforms that you know & love

A headshot of Andrea Breanna, trans founder of RebelMouse, with pink hair and a blue mask in the sun.

I really feared that when I came out at RebelMouse I would lose clients, I would lose employees, I would lose board members, and I am really proud to say – and I hope it helps others that are in the closet or who are out of the closet to help find their mojo – that the opposite happened.

Andrea Breanna is an out trans woman behind many of the platforms that you know and love. Now the CEO of RebelMouse, the tech company & agency that built Axios and The Dodo, she hopes her story can help to empower those who are in various stages of coming out, and show the power of being able to use her true name.

Watch her story below:

This interview is part of our Transcend video series, which features success stories within the trans community. 

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