LGBTQ Nation explores trans and non-binary people driving acceptance and change

Watch three unique stories below

Creating change as a trans frontline worker

Naya’Hri Suhalia (He/Him/His)
When COVID struck, Naya’Hri leaped into action. More people in hospitals means more mouths to feed, and Naya’Hri took on the arduous task of feeding pediatric patients and their families. As an openly trans person, he has also used this role to facilitate conversations that have changed the hearts and minds of dozens, if not hundreds of patients.

Re-imagining reality as a trans tech leader

Andrea Breanna (She/Her/Hers)
Andrea Breanna is an openly trans woman behind many of the platforms that you know and love. Now the CEO of RebelMouse, the tech company & agency that built Axios and The Dodo, she feared she would lose clients and employees when she came out, but the opposite happened. She hopes her story can help to empower those who are in various stages of coming out, and show the power of being able to use her true name.

Building success as a trans business owner

Leon Wu (He/Him/His)
Leon Wu is the CEO of Sharpe Suiting; an agender, luxury clothing brand created for people of all identities and body types, meant to function as a practical form of “visual activism.” Hear from him as he talks about the power and future of queer fashion, visual activism, advice for other aspiring business owners, and how he chose his true name.