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Naya Rivera’s body has been found days after Glee star went missing

July 24, 2013 : Naya Rivera at Giffoni Film Festival
July 24, 2013 : Naya Rivera at Giffoni Film FestivalPhoto: Shutterstock

Glee star Naya Rivera’s body has been recovered from a California lake according to reports. Law enforcement will only confirm that an “unidentified body” has been found, but a press conference has been called for later this afternoon.

Rivera went missing while boating with her four-year-old son. The youngster was found asleep alone in the boat and told authorities he had gone swimming with Rivera and didn’t know where she was.

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Rivera played Santana Lopez, a lesbian cheerleader, on the hit television show. Lopez was one of the core characters for the series.

Rivera was bisexual, casually coming out on The View in 2015 with little fanfare.

“New research found that women who are bisexual are more likely to suffer mental health problems than lesbians,” host Rosie O’Donnell said, referring to a recent study.

“You know what Rosie, no wonder I’m crazy,” Rivera shot back.

The actor was 33.


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