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Oppose LGBTQ rights? Trump campaign advisor says you should vote for him

President Donald Trump's new campaign legal adviser is an anti-LGBTQ extremist
President Donald Trump's new campaign legal adviser is an anti-LGBTQ extremistPhoto: Screenshot

President Donald Trump’s newest campaign legal advisor, Jenna Ellis, is an anti-LGBTQ extremist with ties to a Christian hate group that targets queer people. A frequent cable news pundit, Ellis continued her shtick during an interview with religious-right radio host Eric Metaxas.

Bemoaning the recent Supreme Court ruling in favor of LGBTQ employment nondiscrimination, Ellis condemned the decision as “an abandonment of the Constitution.” Her solution to the problem was simple: if you oppose LGBTQ rights, you should vote for Donald Trump.

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While the GOP often currently touts Trump as the most LGBTQ-friendly president in history despite his repeated attacks on the community, Ellis didn’t hold back when it comes to using LGBTQ people as a political punching bag.

Citing Justice Neil Gorsuch, who wrote the majority opinion in this month’s LGBTQ win Bostock, Ellis urged listeners to give Trump another four more years in office so he could stack the Supreme Court with more conservatives in case one of the other Justices ruled in favor of LGBTQ civil rights.

“We have to understand that the comprehensive nature of how much goes up in front of our Supreme Court, we have to make sure that jurists comprehensively are originalists​, and what I think we have to do for the next four years, including voting for President Trump in November and making sure that he gets more Supreme Court appointments, is to hear from other groups outside just the Federalist Society that are concerned about mechanics,” Ellis said​.

The Federalist Society regularly releases lists of potential far-right judicial nominees and Trump has used their recommendations to stack the court system. The group recommended Gorsuch.

“We also have to be concerned about the social issues to make sure that the Supreme Court stays in their lane,” Ellis continued.

“But we have to give President Trump another four years because – listen, no Justice is ever going to get things 100 percent correct all of the time. And even though what Gorsuch did in this decision was absolutely terrible, he has had a stellar track record over the last three years on the bench. If President Trump was appointing two or three more conservative justices, if we had a wider margin, then when one or two justices get one decision wrong​, they will always be in the minority, and we could have a Supreme Court that we could depend on to actually interpret the Constitution as meant and stay in their lane.”

After the mass shooting at Pulse nightclub that targeted Latino LGBTQ people, Ellis penned a column that condemned the domestic terrorism but also complained that it was being used to legitimize homosexuality and LGBTQ rights.

Ellis has claimed that “Christians cannot follow God and accept or condone or participate in homosexuality”; and said gay and bisexual men have higher rates of HIV because “we cannot escape God’s moral law and His supremacy” according to Media Matters.

She also promoted conversion therapy – the discredited practice of trying to turn someone straight. All major medical associations say the practice is harmful to the mental and physical health of those who endure it.

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