If we start a conspiracy theory that COVID-19 turns you gay, would Republicans stay home?

George Takei
George Takei Photo: Shutterstock

Actor George Takei has a brilliant idea to trick Trump supporters into following common-sense guidelines for slowing the spread of coronavirus during the global pandemic.

He wants to start a conspiracy theory that COVID-19 turns people gay.

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“I’m starting a rumor on the Breitbart chats that Covid-19 turns you gay,” Takei tweeted. “That should keep a lot of these idiots at home.”

Despite the obvious joke, the far-right outlet that served as a mouthpiece for Donald Trump during the presidential campaign, quickly rushed out a story denying that their readers were “idiots” who would fall for it.

“It remains unclear if Takei’s reference to ‘Breitbart chats’ was meant to refer to reader comments sections or potentially social media replies,” they warned readers.

The site has repeatedly “reported” on a conspiracy theory that 5G wireless technology is linked to the spread of the virus.

Right-wing politicians, militia groups, anti-vaccers, conspiracy theorists, and Trump supporters have recently taken to ignoring health guidelines meant to protect lives. Breitbart‘s target audience includes the armed protestors sparking confrontations in state capitol buildings and GOP governors who are lifting stay-at-home orders while the number of deaths in their state continues to climb.

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