Pete Buttigieg has completed his transformation from gay geek to scruffy stud

The two faces of Pete Buttigieg
The two faces of Pete ButtigiegPhoto: composite

Former Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg, the first out gay man to win a state primary and have a shot at the nomination, is creating a different kind of buzz this week.

First, as requested by social media, he grew a beard. Now he’s completing the look by buzzing off his hair and he’s got the internet talking about his butch new look.

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#BeardedButtigieg and #BeardEdgeEdge dominated gay social media for days and photos of the notoriously uptight candidate circulated around the web earlier this year, but they were altered with an app to add facial hair.

During an Instagram Live broadcast about the coronavirus pandemic with former Vice President Joe Biden and journalist Connie Schultz, Buttigieg came out of quarantine and joked that one major change to his routine was visible.

“Obviously, I’ve taken advantage of the simple fact of not having to shave every day.”

Now, with most of the nation on lockdown and hair salons closed as “nonessential businesses,” people are taking things into their own hands. Enter Buttigieg’s new look courtesy of his husband, Chasten.

During a digital interview with Georgetown University’s Institute of Politics and Public Service, viewers got a peek at the former candidate’s new do and gay Twitter got thirsty.

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