Love pours in for Elton John after he’s diagnosed with pneumonia & cuts show short

Elton John broke down in tears on stage after he had to end his set earlier than planned. The out singer, currently embarked on the Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour, announced he was diagnosed with a form of pneumonia shortly after the end of the show.

“I’ve got to go. I’m sorry,” he said before breaking down. John was helped off the stage, crying, to heavy applause and appreciation from the Auckland, New Zealand crowd.

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John later posted to his social media accounts, explaining his exit further. “I want to thank everyone who attended the #EltonFarewellTour gig in Auckland tonight. I was diagnosed with walking pneumonia earlier today, but I was determined to give you the best show humanly possible.”

This comes a week after John won an Academy Award along with Bernie Taupin for his song “(I’m Gonna) Love Me Again” from his biopic Rocketman.

“I played and sang my heart out, until my voice could sing no more. I’m disappointed, deeply upset and sorry,” he also tweeted.

Walking pneumonia is considered a less severe form of pneumonia, where people can still perform physical actions but still suffer from the fatigue and fever. “The symptoms are generally so mild that you don’t feel you need to stay home from work or school, so you are out walking around,” the Mayo Clinic reports. According to the CDC, it’s commonly comes from a virus that effects the lungs and causes respiratory illnesses. Symptoms usually preside for “one to three weeks” and doesn’t respond to typical antibiotics.

John was able to perform for at least an hour and forty minutes, completing an estimated 15 songs out in the open at Mount Smart Stadium. John has played at the stadium regularly since 1984.

The crowd in the 47,000-capacity stadium loudly applauded his efforts, and praised him afterwards. Fans and celebrities also did so afterwards – such as French musician Christine and the Queens, who tweeted to the singer, “we love you.”

“Elton, tonight you were incredible,” another concertgoer tweeted. “To perform the way you did, was just indescribable.”

As of now, tickets for two more shows in Auckland, New Zealand remain on sale. The ‘Farewell’ Tour is set to end in December 2020, which will officially mark John’s retirement.

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