This lesbian proposal on Ellen’s show will make your day

Sarah proposes on Ellen's show
Sarah proposes on Ellen's showPhoto: Screenshot/Ellentube

A woman proposed to her fiancee on Ellen’s show after she said that her parents refused to attend their wedding.

Kate Austin tweeted at Ellen earlier this month: “My parents aren’t going to attend my wedding because they don’t like that I’m gay! I need someone to walk me down the aisle and someone else for a ‘father/daughter’ dance.” She also included some pictures of the proposal, which took place in front of the Eiffel Tower.

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During a segment on her show today about funny tweets, Ellen shared Kate’s tweet. And Kate and Sarah were in her audience, so she pulled them on-stage.

After their initial shock, Sarah explained that their plan was that Sarah would propose and Kate would walk down the aisle at their wedding, but Kate surprised her with the proposal.

“She got down on one knee and then I blacked out,” Sarah joked. “So no, I definitely did not see this coming.”

Ellen then said that she had a wedding gift for Kate and Sarah, which was their family and friends. Kate looked confused, and Ellen asked Sarah to explain the gift.

“I know you already proposed to me, but of course you know I had to get my piece in there,” she said. “And there’s no better way to do it than in front of our chosen family and of course our biggest role model, Ellen.”

“The way that you feel today is the way you make me feel every day and I can’t wait to spend my life with you,” Sarah said.

Then she got down on one knee: “Will you be my wife?”

The audience went wild.

Ellen said that she couldn’t attend their wedding, but she gave them a life-size cardboard cutout of herself that can hold tissues… and a check for $25,000 to help with the wedding.

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