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A gay man confronted his attackers on video after they punched & spit on him

"HATE" tattooed on someone's hand.
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A gay 29-year-old man named Thomas Johnson has video recorded his confrontation with a homophobic couple who allegedly verbally harassed, attacked and spit on him twice while waiting at a London train station earlier this month.

On October 17, Johnson and his sister were waiting at the Bruce Grove Station in North London around 10 p.m. He was talking with his dad on his phone before his alleged attackers began mocking his voice.

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“He was kissing his lips at me and she was making noises,” Johnson told Metro U.K., continuing:

It was like something on a school playground when someone imitates your voice in a girly way. I felt like it was homophobic. She was saying something about sex and look at you.  It all happened so fast. He hit me in the face and knocked my glasses off. I picked them up and could hear the sound of the train doors. Then the girl just looked at me and spat in my face.  The guy then spat at me too.

Even though he was “shaking with fear,” Johnson then proceeded to board the train and record his confrontation with his alleged attackers.

In the video,Johnson yells at them stating, “You were homophobically saying things to me…. it’s against the law. You spat at me and now I have your DNA on my face.”

Here’s the video:

The woman in the video sticks her tongue out at Johnson, asks what he’s saying, and tries to deflect his accusations as he yells at her and her male companion.

Police are investigating and asking for witnesses to come forward, but Johnson says the incident ruined his entire night. He and his sister had to wait for police to arrive in order to file a statement. Missing the last train, they had to take night buses and only got home after 2 a.m. Even then, he couldn’t sleep because of anxiety.

Johnson says he has suffered from depression in the past and is now afraid of being harassed on public transportation or at his customer service job.

An October 2019 report showed that U.K. hate crimes based on sexual orientation have increased by 25% since 2013.

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