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Milo signed up for a furry convention, but furries aren’t having it

Milo as a snow leopard
Photo: Milo Yiannopolous/via Twitter

Professional troll Milo Yiannopoulos is trying to go to a furry convention, but other attendees are trying to stop him.

Yiannopoulos posted to Telegram – one of the few platforms that hasn’t kicked him out – that he had signed up and sent payment for Midwest FurFest, a convention for furry fandom that takes place in suburban Chicago this coming December.

“See you there bitches,” he wrote. He also said that he offered to host a panel on “the politics of fur” and told people to message him if they wanted to meet up for “dinner, drinks, photos or anything else.”

Milo's messages on Telegram
Telegram/via RightWingWatch

In 2016, he posted a picture of himself as a snow leopard to Facebook, which may have been his “fursona,” a representation of himself as a non-human animal. At the time people didn’t really know if that meant that he’s a furry, but apparently he is.

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On Twitter, furries were saying that they didn’t want him at the convention.

The event’s organizers put out a statement on Twitter saying that they were “investigating all concerns.”

Yiannopoulos was a major player in the alt-right several years ago but has since fallen from the right’s good graces. Just last week he “can’t put food on the table,” a result of being banned from multiple major social media platforms.

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