This chair is meant for bisexual people to use. It’s perfect.

Israel Walker's prototype for a "bisexual chair" has taken the internet by storm.
Israel Walker's prototype for a "bisexual chair" has taken the internet by storm.Photo: Israel Walker

An Internet meme about the way bisexuals sit has developed into a fully functional chair built by one father for his bisexual child.

Just like the trope around fast walking gays and lesbians, bisexuals have a meme of their own – bi people simply cannot sit straight. The belief, largely created within the bisexual community itself, has become a harmless way to poke fun at each other within bi community spaces.

While straight people sit with both feet on the floor, bisexual people supposedly throw one leg over the arm of their chair or sit with one foot tucked under.

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Má Matiazi, a Brazilian cartoonist and illustrator decided to take things a bit further, sketching their design for the “Bi-Chair,” with the tag line, “Designed for people who can’t sit straight.”

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Have you heard about bi-sitting?

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After the design started to make the rounds, Israel Walker, a Starbucks barista in the Midwest reached out to Matiazi. 

“My daughter (who identifies as bisexual genderfuck) thinks that her and other LGBTQ+ folks inability to sit ‘normally’ is hilarious,” said Walker on Facebook. “So I asked Má if I could make my own rough style of Bi-Chair and she said yes!”

So, an artist named Má Matiazi drew this awesome sketch "The Bi-Chair: for people who can't sit straight". My daughter…

Posted by Israel Walker on Saturday, August 10, 2019

Walker then proceeded to build their own version of the “Bi-Chair.” simplifying the design before making an all-wood version. He then shared the final result with both he and his child trying out the unique chair.

Reaction from others was overwhelming, causing Walker to take a break from his Facebook account for the weekend — but not before promising to offer up a second “Bi-Chair” design on Monday.

“Hey y’all the response on the chair has been amazing and I’m kinda blown away,” said Walker on Facebook. “So, if you’ve asked for one of the chairs and I haven’t responded it’s because I’m busy building the Mark 2.”

Walker added, “I plan on both making plans and chairs to sell, and I’ve worked out something with the original artist Má Matiazi. Without her original sketch, none of this would have possible. Thank you all!”

Judging from the comments, he’ll have plenty of very interested customers.

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