A Dodgers player did the ‘bend & snap’. Gay Twitter is shook.

Kike Hernández does the "Bend and Snap"
Kike Hernández does the "Bend and Snap" Photo: Screenshot/Twitter

Dodgers player Kike Hernández has brought gay Twitter to its knees after the ballclub posted video of the sexy Puerto Rican player doing the “bend and snap.”

Made famous in the classic Reese Witherspoon movie Legally Blonde, the move is meant to grab any man’s attention and guarantees an “83% return on a dinner invitation.”

But after the team posted Hernández’s eye popping bend, he wasn’t the only one doing a snap. After one fan replied back with “This is the kind of quality content I deserve on my timeline,” the team responded with “You’re welcome.”

And when he posted it on his own Instagram, even celebrities like Kevin McHale were left hoping for an invitation to dinner.

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“Captain America in Endgame: ‘That is America’s ass’,” he wrote with the short video. “Me: ‘Hold my beer!’ #PuertoRicosAss”.

A speechless McHale responded with emoji.


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