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Mike Huckabee claims LGBTQ rights are the ‘greatest threat’ to America

Kim Davis and Mike Huckabee
FILE - In this Sept. 8, 2015, file photo, Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis, with Republican presidential candidate Mike Huckabee at her side, greets the crowd after being released from the Carter County Detention Center, in Grayson, Ky. Davis, hauled to jail for defying a series of federal court orders and refusing to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples, filed a 40-page court document Thursday, Sept. 24, blaming Kentucky governor Steve Beshear for all her legal woes.Photo: AP Photo/Timothy D. Easley

Former Arkansas governor, repeat Republican presidential candidate, Fox News host, and Baptist pastor Mike Huckabee said that the biggest threat to “biblical principles” today is LGBTQ equality

Moreover, he said that it’s Christianity’s fault that those dastardly LGBTQ people are getting so much acceptance.

“The biggest threat to biblical principles today is the failure to apply a biblical standard of maleness and femaleness,” he told The Christian Post. “We are creating this illusion that there is no gender, there is no identity, and I’m blaming the Christian Church.”

He traced a strange history of LGBTQ rights that starts in 1970, when California legalized “no-fault” divorce in a law signed by then-Governor Ronald Reagan.

No-fault divorce means that spouses don’t have to prove wrong-doing to get a divorce, which conservative Christians have complained about for decades because it makes getting a divorce easier.

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Huckabee said that this law showed that marriage “wasn’t really that important” and that people “could go in and out of it without a second thought.”

“That’s when we first started losing that sense of sacredness of what marriage meant,” he said.

Huckabee is a fawning supporter of Donald Trump, who has been married multiple times.

How does this relate to LGBTQ rights, when marriage equality advocates spent decades arguing about how important marriage is?

“So I’m not really that surprised that same sex-marriage has become in vogue because the Christian Church were the ones who essentially abdicated a strict responsibility about what biblical marriage should look like,” he said, even though divorce is mentioned multiple times in the Bible.

“Once you’ve destroyed that, why can’t you have any and everything?” he said. “The gender dysphoria we’re seeing today is largely due to the fact that the Church has failed to present very clearly the words of Jesus and Genesis 5:2: ‘Male and female He created them.’”

He went on to say that Christians are worried about not being “politically correct” today, and that they worry about being “Biblical” because it will “alienate” people.

“Yes, it will alienate some people who are more interested in preserving the lifestyle they have chosen than a lifestyle that will be practical and will work. But it will also be a lifesaver for the people who are really looking for genuine truth.”

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