Joe Biden just called Mike Pence ‘a decent guy.’ The internet was not having it.

Joe Biden in front of an American flag
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Former Vice President Joe Biden has come under fire for referring to Mike Pence as “a decent guy.”

Speaking in Omaha, Biden mentioned Pence’s appearance at the Munich Security Conference earlier this month.

“The fact of the matter is it was followed on by a guy who’s a decent guy, our vice president, who stood before this group of allies and leaders and said, ‘I’m here on behalf of President Trump,’ and there was dead silence. Dead silence,” Biden said.

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Biden and Pence are reportedly on friendly terms.

Pence is one of the most anti-LGBTQ elected officials in office today, with a long history of fighting for harsher policy against LGBTQ people. He has supported federal funding for conversion therapy, voted for a federal constitutional amendment to ban marriage equality, and is rumored to be one of the architects of the transgender military ban.

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So the reaction to Biden’s comments was swift.


Biden apparently heard the response and responded to Cynthia Nixon’s tweet.

Biden is expected to run in the Democratic presidential primary in an already crowded field. Perhaps this form of centrism is how he plans to distinguish himself.

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