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Bernie Sanders announces his 2020 presidential bid & the internet has thoughts

Bernie Sanders
Photo: Screenshot/YouTube

Senator Bernie Sanders (I-VT) announced his presidential bid early this morning in an email to supporters and a video on social media and Twitter went nuts.

Sanders, 77, ran for president in 2016 and ended up losing his primary bid to Hillary Clinton.

But since he lost, his supporters have accused the Democratic party of fixing the primary in Clinton’s favor.

Sanders has spent the intervening time criticizing Democrats for supposedly running on their identities as the party moved to the left, while remaining one of the most staunchly anti-Trump votes in the Senate.

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And last year, special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation showed that Russian bots promoted Sanders’s campaign in an attempt to get Donald Trump elected.

His supporters have remained steadfast, often denouncing his competitors as “corporate.” They point to the positive effects of the campaign, like their belief that it inspired more progressives to run for office in 2018 and pushed the Democratic Party to the left on issues like health care and income inequality.

To say he’s controversial is an understatement. And so Twitter exploded.

While the left is divided on Sanders, the right apparently thinks that he’s the second coming of Joseph Stalin.

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